Where Should You Keep Car Title?


Driving is a huge responsibility and this comes with paperwork to prove it. Owning a car comes with a lot of paperwork, so you have to know where to put the entire essential document to maintain track of them and keep them safe.

There are a few things you should keep car title in your glove compartment and others you shouldn’t. It is suggested that you keep the title to your vehicle in the glove compartment.

If your car is stolen, thieves would then have all the information required to easily sell your car, including your title number and the registration information that is most probably in the glove box.

How Do Car Titles work?

A car title is a legal document, which gives you that you are the true owner of your car. It also offers details about the history of the car. Every vehicle begins with a clean title and in order for the type of title to change, and the main damage occurs.

An insurance company files to change a car’s title, and it is essential they record every main event that takes place. This is to ensure the next owner is well aware of the history of the vehicle. You have to store every document in a car title place.


List Of Places To Store Your Car Title

It is suggested that you keep car titles with other significant documents in a safe deposit box or a fire-retardant container at home. An additional precaution would be to keep a photocopy of the car title at home with your financial records or with a confidential family member or friend. Here are some places you keep a car title.

  • Vehicle Registration

If you acquire into an accident or are dragged over for a grave offense, you require your registration. Many states also give a registration sticker, which goes on your windshield or license plate, but you still require the registration document for official purposes. So you can place to store car documents in a glove compartment.

  • Proof Of Car Insurance

It is nothing but you should keep the proof of car insurance in the glove compartment or another safe container. In many states, you can be labeled for having this on hand while driving.


  • Owner’s Manual

This is a very important book that should be kept in your glove box where you can get to it easily in case of a flat tire or strange symbol popping up on your dashboard. This guide cannot assist you if it is at home.

  • Car Title

Your auto title is one thing you should not keep in your actual car. They will have the car title and they will probably have the registration information as well if you keep that in the glove compartment.