How Do You Jack Up A Car Without A Jack?


The car jacks is used to lift your car to do maintenance and repair work. Most of the people lift their car without the help of carjacking. There are various things are need to change the tire without using carjacks. People use a simple technique to lift the car.

You should keep some safety measures while changing the tire. If you want to change the flat tire particularly you have the roadside assistance. With the help of those people, you can easily change the flat tire without any problem. The given passages to provide tips for changing the car tire without the help of carjacking.


Things Needed To Change The Flat Tire

  • Socket
  • Breaker bar
  • Wrench
  • Wheel chocks
  • Lubrication
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Portable air compressor

The above things are surly needed when changing the flat tire. Using this technique your entire process done with safe as well as smooth. With the help of these things, you can be changing the tire by yourself with the need for roadside assistance. These tools help to Jack up a car without a Jack.


Steps To Change The Tire Without Jack

The below steps are involved to change the tire without the help of jack. It will also help to lift a car without a Jack. You should lift the flat tire in a safe place.

Step 1: you should first loosen the lug nuts with the help of a lug wrench. That will easier to remove wheel air.

Step 2: you will lift the flat tire above the ground.

Step 3: you should be adding a two underneath the ramp that will be giving the flat tire sufficient ground clearance.

Step 4: put your car in the park or other non-commercial areas. You can use the emergency brake the flat tire is up at the top.

Step 5: Remove the flat tire lug nuts use the lug wrench. And then you should pull off the tire then change it with your spare tire.

Step 5: you should spray some lotion on the studs that will make them easier to tighten.

Step 6: fix the flat tire back. You should remove the wheel chocks and drive the ramp off.

Step 7: and then complete the tightening the lug nuts on the ground.

Step 8: you used to use the tire pressure gauge and confirm the pressure of the flat tires, spare tire as well as other tires. After completion of the above process, you should continue your journey.