What Jack Do I Need For My Car?


Nowadays everyone has a car for various purposes of needs. The car jack is one of the important elements of the car. It is essential for every car owner and driver. Carjack is nothing but it is a device that is used to allow the user to change the tire and performing the other repair works.

Not only the tire changing it is also used to perform maintenance as well as repair work.It comes from various types and weights. It is a reliable and durable one. What Jack do i need for my car? For this question, you can get the answer from the below passages.

Types Of Car Jack

There are different types of car jacks are available. You can choose your car jack depends on your car weight and other things. Different car Jacks types are given below,

  • Floor Jack FlooR-Jack

It is the most common type of jack that is used for maintenance and repair work.it is easy to move around. It is consists of a round disk that makes contact with your vehicle. With the help of this jack, you can able to perform a complex work

  • Scissor Jack Scissor_Jack

It is small in size as well as portable these are the main advantages of these jacks.It is equipped with a screw mechanism that will handle the raise and lower the vehicle position.

  • Hydraulic Bottle Jack Hydraulic_Jack

It has a bottle shape that is consist of hydraulic pressure so it is used to lift the heavy vehicle and other large equipment.It has a high capacity and quite portable. It is one of the best Type Of Jack For Moving A Car.

  •  Hi-Lift JackHi_Lift_Jack

It is a special type of jack used with lifted and off-road vehicles. It is mainly used for off-road situations.It also has a high capacity compared to the other types of jacks.

Size Of The Car Jack

The size of the car jack depends on the type of car and ground clearance. The car weight helps you to choose the perfect size of the carjacks.You can select the tons of jacks when before buying it. You should be considered the car model when before buying the jacks. The cost of the carjacks depends on that performance, features and other characteristics.

The cost differs from one jack to another jack. Thebottlejack is the perfect choice for you because it will consist of more benefits characteristics compared to the other jacks.