Things You Should Do

All the things you should do, explore and consume in Key West.

The Girls of Fantesy Fest 2014

The masked balls, body painting, crazy parties and costume competitions of Fantasy Fest have wrapped up for another year in Key West.

At the coronation ball, Key West's own Mark Patterson and Liz Ketcham were crowned king and queen of the festival. The winning couple raised nearly $142,000 for the Florida Keys' AIDS Help organization

Fantest Fest organizers said the flamboyant annual festival has a $30 million financial impact in the Keys.

This year's theme was "A-Conch-Alypse," spoofs an ancient apocalypse prophecy.

The only thing to do now is look back at the girls!

Golf Key West

I don’t really understand the game of golf or the allure it seems to hold for so many. Perhaps it’s because I almost killed some poor man with an errant swing of my club (I was showing off my amazing swing on a sidewalk), but I have no real interest


Fondue at Michaels Restaurant

I walked six miles today at a very, very brisk pace in anticipation of where I’m taking you on this next Key West Cuisine Adventure. If you didn’t get any exercise today, then perhaps you shouldn’t read this until you burn a few hundred calories because simply the act of


Bareboat Charters in the Florida Keys

If you’re an experienced boater and by that I mean you’re as comfortable in the wheelhouse as you are in a car, you’d rather read a chart than a book and the rules of the road are second nature, then you might want to check out Key West’s bareboat charter


Valentine's Day in Key West

As if Key West didn’t already have enough love and romance, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and many are looking for a special way to show their unending devotion. The opportunities for lovey-dovey, hanky-panky abound from sunset charters to couples massages to romantic and chic restaurants.

If you


Irish Pubs of Key West


I’m an Irish girl and celebrate my ties to the Emerald Isle all year long; I don’t believe in wearing green and drinking like an amateur just on March 17thof each year. I pay homage to my heritage on a daily basis and you’ll find bangers and mash, corned beef


Better Than Sex

I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day because it always seemed too commercial, too forced. I want to walk in the room and find flowers because my husband wanted to surprise me not because the calendar and the TV told him to do so. Of course, my husband


Garbo’s Grill: The Lone Food Truck

Food trucks seem to be the latest rage for foodies and I admit to dreaming about operating one from time to time. I love the idea of cooking what I love, serving it to others and watching them devour it with a big smile plastered across their face. However, the


B&O’s Fish Wagon


There’s a dumpy little pile of rubbish on the corners of William and Caroline Streets that could easily be mistaken for a pile of hurricane debris when in fact it’s one of my favorite places to be entertained in Key West. B&O’s Fish Wagon is the name and fried


New Year's Eve - Key West Style

Key West loves to party! What's a better reason than New Year's Eve? With hopes that 2013 will bring them more money, better health, extended time in paradise and a hole lotto love, thousands of New Year's Eve revelers will gather in front of the Bourbon St Pub and the


Snorkeling the Western Dry Rocks


If you make a visit to Key West without snorkeling, you’re a complete moron. It’s one of the best places on earth to experience the underwater world, so grab your sunblock and find a boat to take you out to the reef.

Most commercial boats take their guests to Sand


West Martello Tower

I really don’t understand people who call for the demolition of old structures, especially forts. I’m not really into the history of wars but I truly love old forts. To me, they feel alive and aware and I’m convinced if I sit still long enough and listen carefully, I’ll hear


USCGC INGHAM Maritime Museum

As a former U.S. Coast Guard civilian and the wife of a retired Coastie, I’m partial to one particular Key West museum. The Coast Guard Cutter Ingham has over fifty years of history serving our nation and her experiences from 1936 to 1988 earned her two Presidential Unit Citations for


Kiteboarding is the Shiznits!

To avoid the dreaded “horse tax” the government imposed on those owning work horses in the 1800s, a brilliant man by the name of George Pocock used a series of kites to harness wind power to propel carts on land and ships on water. Subsequent alterations and improvements to the


Hog's Breath Saloon

I’ve spent so much of my hard-earned cash at the Hog’s Breath Saloon, they should send me a monthly royalties check or, at the very least, put my name in lights. I don’t think it’s too much to ask. Not only do I leave a good chunk of my personal


Key West Aquarium

How many public aquariums are you aware of that allow patrons to enter with their dog’s leash in one hand and a cocktail in the other? I’m aware of only one and it’s located at Mallory Square in Key West. What a concept! People-friendly, leashed dogs are welcome and patrons


Nude Adventures in Key West


Years of living on an island have chipped away at my self-consciousness and fear of public nudity. The warmth of the sun convinced me it’s okay to go topless on our boat as we glide over the turquoise water surrounding our home. Believe me, there’s nothing like the feel of


Red Barn Theatre

There are two kinds of people in this world; those who love going to the theater and those who’d rather get a root canal. I fall somewhere in between, which obviously blows my theory about there being only two kinds of people! If one of my children is performing, then


The Studios of Key West

I’ve found that my level of creativity or perhaps the quality of what I create is greatly influenced by my surroundings. Living on an island, surrounded by beauty has helped me produce more creative pieces than while working in a cubicle as a financial analyst for the federal government. Go


New Year's Eve in Key West

Most of America tunes into Times Square to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, while the frozen crowd of New Yorkers huddle together to share body heat. Those of us in Key West have a different, and far better, approach. We bar-hop along Duval in balmy temperatures and


B & B: Boat and Breakfast

Most of us are familiar with the relaxed and pampered feeling of staying in a historic bed and breakfast. Ornate crown molding, homey antiques, four poster beds decked in high quality linens and a freshly prepared gourmet breakfast are among the many pleasures of booking a room in a historic


Christmas in Key West

Did you know that Santa Claus is not only capable of flying a sleigh pulled by horned reindeer, he’s an accomplished mariner as well? It’s true. Ole Kris Kringle can handle vessels of all sizes and his docking skills are unmatched. If you lived in Key West, you’d know the


Pizza; The Perfect Key West Food

I realize that while visiting a tropical island paradise, your culinary interests lean toward the fresh catch of the day, local shrimp and crabs, and maybe some other types of shellfish. However, there will be times, perhaps after a long night crawling Duval, when only a pizza will satisfy. It


Thanksgiving in Paradise


Rather than performing the traditional Thanksgiving dance, which most likely involves stuffing yourself with turkey and the vast array of fattening sides, experience the day Key West style. A cold weather Thanksgiving is nice, but at least once in your life, spend the day in shorts, feeling the warm sun