What to Do in Key West


The Hemingway House

in Things You Should Do
Formerly the home of Ernest and Pauline, the Hemingway House is now a museum and open for public tours. Many of Hemingway’s personal touches remain in the house and on display. The trophy mounts and skins were souvenirs from Ernest’s African safaris…

Key West Drag Queens

Just as Key West, Florida is famous for its magical sunsets and Caribbean-party atmosphere, it should be equally famous for…

Joe's Tap Room: Yes, Craft Beer Exists Here!

You’ve all seen the T-Shirts and bumper stickers that read, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” and…

The Girls of Fantesy Fest 2014

The masked balls, body painting, crazy parties and costume competitions of Fantasy Fest have wrapped up for another year in…

How to Key West


Ecotourism? Prove it!

in Things You Should Know
I try to live my life with a “live and let live” attitude but there’s something that really frosts my bumper and I can’t let it go unaddressed. The purposely misleading way in which some people toss around the term “ecotourism” is appalling.…
Key West Nude Beach

Nude Beaches in Key West

I finally treated myself to a nude beach, not in Key West, however. The experience was exhilarating and something I want to…
chickens in key west

The Roosters of Key West

If you’re talking about Key West, chickens seem to be everywhere. Visitors may be surprised to see a clucking hen followed…

The Glorious Conch

Allow me to introduce you to another one of my pet peeves. It just makes me wanna dig my eardrums out with a melon baller…

Key Wested: Key West History

Key West Lighthouse(s)

The first lighthouse in Key West was built, obviously, to aid ships navigating dangerous…

The White House for White Hair

Harry Truman
Without a doubt, being President of the United States takes its toll on a body. Compare…

Wreckers' Museum/Oldest House

Wreckers' Museum/Oldest House
If I’d been alive in Key West in the early 1800’s, I’d have been a wrecker. Not a home…

Key West Woman’s Club

The property located at 319 Duval may be surrounded by touristy businesses and…

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