• Key’s Disease

    You’ve been bitten by the bug and all you can think about is pulling up stakes and moving to paradise. Life would be so much simpler if you lived in Read More
  • Camp Key West

    Air-conditioned rooms with antique beds in charming, historic inns are always appealing. However, when you’re vacationing on an island, what could be more inviting than sleeping under the stars with Read More
  • Better Than Sex

    I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day because it always seemed too commercial, too forced. I want to walk in the room and find flowers because my husband Read More
  • B&O’s Fish Wagon

      There’s a dumpy little pile of rubbish on the corners of William and Caroline Streets that could easily be mistaken for a pile of hurricane debris when in fact Read More
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What to Do in Key West

Key West Aquarium

Key West Aquarium

in Things You Should Do
How many public aquariums are you aware of that allow patrons to enter with their dog’s leash in one hand and a cocktail in the other? I’m aware of only one and it’s located at Mallory Square in Key West. What a concept! People-friendly, leashed…

Pink Shrimps

Fifty years ago in Key West, Florida you could walk to the dock and see fishermen paying local kids fifty cents for every…

Fishing in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys and fishing go together like peanut butter and jelly. They’re both great on their own but they just…
New Years in Key West

New Year's Eve in Key West

Most of America tunes into Times Square to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, while the frozen crowd of New Yorkers…

How to Key West

chickens in key west

The Roosters of Key West

in Things You Should Know
If you’re talking about Key West, chickens seem to be everywhere. Visitors may be surprised to see a clucking hen followed by her waddling brood of chicks scratching around tables at an outside cafe or wandering in and out of busy, downtown traffic.…

When in Key West: Hotels vs Bed and Breakfasts

You’re planning a trip to paradise and you want everything to be perfect but you also want to get your hard-earned money’s…

Silly City Ordinances?

In the aftermath of Fantasy Fest, I recall the countless conversations about public nudity with people unfamiliar with the…
Key West AIDS Memorial

Key West AIDS Memorial

Unfortunately, Key West has lost more than a thousand of its citizens to the AIDS epidemic. Some of the Aids victims' names…

Key Wested: Key West History

Southernmost Point?

The original sign designating the Southernmost Point in the United States wasn’t always…

Why Hemingway Stayed

Hemingway in Key West
Ernest Hemmingway’s lasting effects on Key West seem to be a reflection and result of the…

The Mariel Boatlift

I’m no Rhodes Scholar by any stretch of the imagination but I thought I’d received a…

The Secret Past of Key West’s Audubon House

The property located at 205 Whitehead Street in Key West is now known as The Audubon…