• Better Than Sex

    I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day because it always seemed too commercial, too forced. I want to walk in the room and find flowers because my husband Read More
  • B&O’s Fish Wagon

      There’s a dumpy little pile of rubbish on the corners of William and Caroline Streets that could easily be mistaken for a pile of hurricane debris when in fact Read More
  • Camp Key West

    Air-conditioned rooms with antique beds in charming, historic inns are always appealing. However, when you’re vacationing on an island, what could be more inviting than sleeping under the stars with Read More
  • Key’s Disease

    You’ve been bitten by the bug and all you can think about is pulling up stakes and moving to paradise. Life would be so much simpler if you lived in Read More
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What to Do in Key West


Which Way to the Beach?

in Things You Should Do
I remember quite well my first trip to Key West. I was a naïve, inexperienced traveler fresh off the family farm in western NY who’d never had the pleasure of swimming in the ocean. I drove non-stop in an old Honda CRX that didn’t have air…

Snuba and Other Adventures

Key West, Florida is famous for its sunsets, pub crawls and devil-may-care attitude but it should be equally famous for its…
Nude in Key West

Nude Adventures in Key West

Years of living on an island have chipped away at my self-consciousness and fear of public nudity. The warmth of the sun…

Hog's Breath Saloon

I’ve spent so much of my hard-earned cash at the Hog’s Breath Saloon, they should send me a monthly royalties check or, at…

How to Key West


Earn Thousands at Fantasy Fest

in Things You Should Know
There’s a ton of cash up for grabs during Key West’s Annual ten-day bash known as Fantasy Fest. For those willing to plan ahead, be creative, and commit to a little elbow grease, there are thousands of dollars to be won in various contests. Who…
Conch Republic

The Conch Republic (that's “konk”)

If you’ve spent any time in Key West or have done any reading to prepare for a future visit, you’ve no doubt heard of conch.…

Fighting the War on Drugs

About five months ago, a shiny new patrol ship docked at Key West’s Navy Pier. I nosed around and learned the pretty little…

Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden

Lots of people claim to be environmentalists and conservationists but Key West is home to a woman for whom actions speak…

Key Wested: Key West History

Wreckers' Museum/Oldest House

Wreckers' Museum/Oldest House
If I’d been alive in Key West in the early 1800’s, I’d have been a wrecker. Not a home…

The Mariel Boatlift

I’m no Rhodes Scholar by any stretch of the imagination but I thought I’d received a…

Capt Tony’s Saloon; A Ghostly Past

Many years before the property at 428 Greene Street became the famous Key West watering…

The Darker Side of Key West

It comes as no surprise that Key West brings to mind perfectly romantic images of rum…