What to Do in Key West

Bird Watching in Key West, Florida

Bird Watching in Key West

in Things You Should Do
A friend of mine recently asked me where she and her husband could go bird watching in Key West and I was taken aback. I enjoy some quality people watching on the island but I’m ashamed to admit that until now, it never occurred to me that Key West…

Spas in Key West

You’ve come to Key West, Florida to wrap yourself in our laid back atmosphere and calming island vibe but the everyday…
Christmas in Key West

Christmas in Key West

Did you know that Santa Claus is not only capable of flying a sleigh pulled by horned reindeer, he’s an accomplished mariner…

Garbo’s Grill: The Lone Food Truck

Food trucks seem to be the latest rage for foodies and I admit to dreaming about operating one from time to time. I love the…

How to Key West

Key West Nude Beach

Nude Beaches in Key West

in Things You Should Know
I finally treated myself to a nude beach, not in Key West, however. The experience was exhilarating and something I want to do again. My initial fears were centered on perverts and not-so-attractive people ruining my bucket list adventure. Although…

Key West Smoke Free?

So you're headed to Key West and want to get an idea about where you're going to eat while you're there. You're going with…

What is Body Paint?

Happily looking forward to a "golden age" during his 16th-century papacy, Pope Leo X ordered a Florentine youngster be…

Gators; Not Just a Football Team

While returning home from the airport about 1am last week, I pulled into my Islamorada neighborhood (86 miles north of Key…

Key Wested: Key West History

Fort Zachary Taylor

Construction on Key West’s Fort Zachary Taylor began in 1845, shortly after Florida was…

Robert The Doll’s Halloween Home

Robert the Doll, Key West, Florida
Construction on the Old Post Office and Customs House began in 1889 and was completed in…

Speakeasy Inn & Rum Bar

There were few legitimate, good paying jobs in 1930's Key West, so in order to make ends…

Crazy and Talented in Key West

Key West might be a good place to analyze that long-standing stereotype that the most…

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